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An ISO 9001:2000 certified firm offering laboratory tested pharma drugs, pharma medicines, health & skin care products including antibiotics, anti-bacterial tablets, anti-helmentics, anti-inflammatories, anti-pyretic, analgesics, muscle relaxants, anti-fungal formulations, etc.

An Overview

Health treatment has gained immense importance and is regarded as one of the major areas that needs continuous attention as well as improvement. With increasing pollutants in air, communicable diseases are on rise in continents and with the rapid paced life, our well-being has been neglected in this entire process. With these increasing issues, doctors or medical professionals suggest that there should be a balance maintained between work and rest else both get adversely affected.

It is important for a person to remain careful about his both mental and physical fitness. We are here to assist you in this by formulating and offering an extensive range of lab approved pharmaceutical formulations. Iscon Life Sciences has become a prominent exporter, manufacturer and supplier of quality certified medicines for appropriate care of your health.

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Product Gallery

Our product portfolio comprises varieties of drugs and medicines like Antibacterial, Anthelmintics, Antibiotics, Antiinflammatories, Muscle Relaxants, Ayurvedics, Antireflux, Analgesics, Antipyretics and more in the form of syrups, soft gel capsules, tablets, capsules, dry syrups, injection, suspension and ointments. We are committed to maintain international quality standards throughout all the stages to ensure complete client satisfaction. We export our all range of pharma drugs and medicines worldwide at very competitive prices.

  • Throughout INDIA we are supported by:
  • Over 1 Lakh Retailers
  • Over 1000 Distributors
  • Presence in major hospitals, Government Institutions, Indian Army etc.
  • C&F in all major states
  • Negotiating with buyers throughout the World

Why Iscon Life Sciences?

  • We enjoy a Glorious Reputation of over 15 Years.
  • We are one of the oldest Indian Pharmaceutical Company that was established in 2000.
  • We display a widest product range with latest molecules.
  • We have been certified with WHO-GMP & are an ISO 9001 2008 compliance company.
  • Our brand names have been registered.  
  • We have a proven record of efficiency of the products.

Our Products Range:

  • Antibiotics / Antibacterials / Anti Infectives
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Analgesics/ Antipyretics/ NSAIDs Medicines
  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
  • Anti Ulcer Drugs
  • Antiallergic / Antihistamines
  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Sexual Dysfunction Drugs
  • Anti Helminthes
  • IV Injections
  • Anti Fungal Drugs
  • Anti Malarial Drugs
  • Anti Emetic Drugs
  • Dental Drugs
  • Skin Ointments
  • Skin Care Drugs
  • Medicated Cosmetics
  • Gynecology & Obstetric Drugs

Bicure Remedies

Cardiovascular implies either of or related to the heart and blood vessels. The entire circulation system of blood vessels and heart is termed as cardiovascular system.

Bi-Cure Remedies enhances lives by offering healthcare professionals with life saving medicines and drugs.
We are a company driven by an overriding purpose which is to eliminate suffering, save lives while contributing towards the healthcare economics.

Cardiovascular disease is an illness which includes both heart and blood vessels. It also comprises Coronary Artery Diseases like myocardial infarction and Angina. Others include heart failure, stroke, rheumatic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, heart arrhythmia, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy and more.

Stroke, coronary artery disease and peripheral artery diseases are caused by smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption etc. High blood pressure leads to almost 13% of CVD deaths, diabetes 6%, tobacco 9%, obestity 5% and more.


We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited pharma company offering a spectrum of lab assessed pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceutical medicines, healthcare and skin care products such as Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Helmintic, Anti-Biotics, Anti Inflammatory, Ayurvedic formulations, Muscle Relaxants, Anti-Pyretics, Anti-Fungal, etc.

ISCON OTC division after gaining success in the domain of pharmaceutical products is now geared up to cater to the growing requirements of FMCG and OTC products, thereby offering quality products in the market. The company has taken proper care to address innovation and creativity while keeping in mind the growing demand of the products.

To remain competitive in the market, the company ensures to maintain high standards as well as meet the needs of modern lifestyles. In addition to marketing through traditional distribution as well as retail channels across India, Iscon OTC division is looking forward to lucrative export market. Besides, innovative and popular product range, the company also is open for corporate gifting and co-branding. Future seems to be bright in the long run.

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